Weaving Loom Plan

Weaving Loom Plan
Weaving Loom Plan

Monday, May 2, 2011

Free Plans.Build An Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are very popular these days. No matter where you go they are to be seen skimming silently along. In most places they do not require a license to drive them and do not have to be registered. They are classed as power assisted bicycles.

Their popularity is the result of several things. firstly they are fairly inexpensive to buy with most costing well under $1000. Secondly they are very cheap to run. You only have to plug the recharger into a power outlet for a few hours and you are ready to do 20 to 25 miles before the next recharge is needed.

This means that they are ideal for commuting to work or just for riding around town for fun or shopping. Almost anyone can ride them and even a small woman can easily handle some of the lighter models.

We have free plans for building your own electric scooter if you want to really do it on the cheap. Have a look at electric scooter plans

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