Weaving Loom Plan

Weaving Loom Plan
Weaving Loom Plan

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Plans For Crossbows And Archery

Lots of people want to build their own bow, arrows and archery supplies.We  have a free plan,which you can get from our website ,for  building a flat bow and a traditional English long bow. The flat bow is particularly easy to build and is a very accurate shooter.   The long bow  was used very successfully  by English archers  in winning many  battles hundreds of years ago prior to the invention of  guns and gun powder.

We also give you free plans for archery gear including arrows and at our website vintage plans

We also have free plans for crossbows which are amazingly accurate weapons and the  Chinese antique repeating crossbow is a particularly interesting item. Chinese soldiers carried this bow for hundreds of years, and  used it right into the 20th century unbelievably. This amazing bow has a magazine which holds  many  bolts(arrows) and these could be fired in rapid succession by pulling on a lever which cocked and fired them very quickly one after another. 

A group of archers could send a positive cloud of arrows (which often had poisoned tips) at enemy soldiers which was to say the least  discouraging for them when they tried to advance. Just a little prick from a poison arrow could be very quickly fatal.

We  have also free plans for a wonderful more modern repeating crossbow which works much the same as a slide action gun, and fires several arrows one after another in rapid succession. We also have free plans for a more modern crossbow which is a great crossbow for hunting as well as for target shooting or just for fun. You can download these plans and many more  free at  vintage plans


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Free Vintage Plans For You

I have been interested in old plans for many years. It seemed that I was always on the prowl  for plans from which I could build all kinds of  things I wanted but couldn,t really afford to buy. I found out quite early on that many very suitable plans were to be found in old editions of magazines such as Science And Mechanics and  a number of other similar magazines.  Over a period of years I put together a collection of many hundreds of  plans for all kinds of things.

Later I discovered  that the majority of these plans  which were first published prior to 1964 were no longer copyright and were in fact in the "public domain", as a result of their copyright never being renewed before the expiry date. Everything published in the USA before the year 1923 is also automatically in the public domain with no exceptions. Since they are no longer in copyright, all of these items may be used by anyone at all for any purpose they desire. This includes printed material, and also audio (old radio shows) and videos (old movies). All of these non copyright items may be copied and republished or resold. The material cannot be copyrighted by any person in their original state, but a new version of the item may be copyrighted if  there have been significant changes made to the material.

Then in 1964 copyright laws were changed for the USA, and material published after that year remains in copyright for a very much longer period of time.  There are actually certain exceptions to this with some publications up to the year 1978 which are in the public domain.

To avoid any  possibility of copyright problems I  personally will only republish material which was  copyrighted before 1964, and which is now  in the public domain, which can be proven by checking the publication and its author at the US copyright office, a job which can be completed online very simply.

My website Vintage Plans has available to everyone free copies of a selection of these old plans. This is an ongoing work and will undoubtedly take considerable time to finish. The simple fact is that it will very likely never be finished as new material continues to come to light continually from a number of sources.

I also intend to republish freely copies of  plans, articles etc which date far back into the 1800s and even further than that. Many  interesting and useful plans and  articles etc are available from this time.

Check back with this blog and our website often and you will get much interesting material http://www.vintageplans.org. It is my hope that many of you will find a lot of interest in these  plans and articles and plenty of items which will be of use to you. They are all free--so the price is not a problem is it?. Go to our website, and help yourself to the free PDF downloads you will find there. the

Take a look now at Vintage Plans and check out all the really interesting stuff that is totally free. You can if you wish leave your comments below or ask your question about anything.