Weaving Loom Plan

Weaving Loom Plan
Weaving Loom Plan

Monday, May 30, 2011

Free Plans.Build Chicken Coops.Make Money

Chicken coop plans which have good instructions are the best method of building a chicken coop. For people living in the country keeping chickens is a natural choice. You can have a good supply of new laid fresh eggs every day of the week from your pet hens.

When you dine on a new laid, fresh, home produced egg you will realise very quickly just how much better these eggs are than the commercial chicken eggs, which you buy in the supermarket.

Even if you are living in the city you can keep a small flock of chickens in your backyard in numerous places. More cities have seen the light and have passed bylaws which allow urban chicken fanciers to keep chickens in their backyards. We have for you some free chicken coop building plans which you can download. These free plans show how to build a really good chicken coop and save a lot of money in the process.

This makes good sense since so many people require some good quality food, and fresh eggs which are completely free of contaminants and drugs are the best of food. As a byproduct tyhe chicken manure which is produced is a really excellent fertiliser for the vegetable garden, and helps to produce more good quality vegetables for food.

By feeding your hens quality food which includes grains and vegetables you will get top quality eggs. Your chickens mustt be housed in a well made coop.Download our free chicken coop plans now and you can build a really good chicken coop with ease. Take a look at our website and download your free plans: Free chicken coop plans

If you want instead to get top quality commercial plans complete with full instructions and videos check out this: Chicken coop plans

Friday, May 27, 2011

Free Vintage Plans.Build Rustic Furniture From Twigs

Twigs and branches from trees in your locality can be used to make absolutely wonderful rustic style furniture for your yard or patio.In fact some people even make rustic furniture for use in their homes. It goes particularly well with country decorating or homes of the log cabin style needless to say. Our free vintage plans are great for this project.

Rustic furniture for your yard or patio made from twigs and branches is a great challenge for the workshopper. Certainly there is plenty of room for making unusual designs dependent on the material you have available in your locality for this project. Pretty well every type of furniture including tables, chairs,benches,beds orornaments just to name a few, can be made from twigs as shown in our free vintage plans.

At our website you can find free plans for many different rustic furniture vintage projects. Take a look here and download your free plans: Rustic Furniture

Monday, May 23, 2011

Free Plans For Flying Model Helicopters

Building flying model helicopters is a really great fun hobby. Experimenting with different types of model to determine which one flies best or highest or for the longest time is a real challenge to a model builder.

Plans for model helicopters are relatively few and fairly hard to find. We have found two good plans for flying model helicopters which really perform well. You can download these interesting plans for free at our website.

The first one is a fairly modern type plan from the 1950s for a rubber band powered helicopter. This nice looking model is reasonably easy to construct and flies extremely well.

The second model helicopter is a very old plan from around the turn of the 20th century. This of course was before any helicopters had been built and flight was still in its earliest days. This model looks nothing like a real modern helicopter but demonstrates the principles on which helicopters work. It also flies and performs remarkably well considering its very simple basic design. Give something different a try and build a model helicopter that really flies.

Download the free plans at our website : Flying model helicopters

Friday, May 20, 2011

Free Plans. Build a Gemstone Grinder

Making gemstones from the rough material is a popular hobby for rockhounds.
This is done by grinding, sanding and finally polishing the stones to a high luster.

A silicon carbide grinding wheel must be used and it is used wet to prevent glazing the stone.We have free plans for you which show you how to build an inexpensive gemstone grinder which is capable of doing very nice work

The most popular stones to grind are known as cabachons which are smoothly rounded gems. These are also easier to grind than faceted stones.

With this outfit you can turn out excellent stones for mounting in rings or other jewellery to sell or use for gift giving.

Free Plans.Build Whirligigs. Make Money.

Building whirligigs,which are animated action weather vanes is a great fun project. We have for you, vintage plans with drawings for many easily built whirligig weather vanes.

After you have built several of these, from the plans, you will see how they operate, and that it is quite simple to design your own.

Whirligigs are very attractive in your garden. Most people take great pleasure in watching the actions that they perform when there is even just a little bit of wind to get them twirling..

Our vintage plans are a good start toward building these extremely interesting vintage projects. Download your free plans from our website at: Whirligig plans

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Free Plans. Build Metal Detectors.Find Coins,Jewellery,Relics,Treasure

Metal detectors are great fun to use and can make money for you. You can find buried metal items including coins, jewellery,relics,treasure etc. on beaches,in public parks and similar areas.

Searching early inhabited areas may turn up some interesting historical records. If oyu lose some jewellery in your own backyard you can probably find it with your metal detector.

Commercially made metal detectors are available in many models. good ones are expensive however and can run to many thousands of dollars in some cases.

We have free plans which you can download in PDF format to build your own metal detector. One of them is for a combined metal detector,geiger counter,radio. The other shows how to use a transistor radio as a metal detector. you can have a lot of fun with these. Take a look at the plans here: Metal Detectors

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free Plans. Build Concrete Mixers.Save money

It is almost a necessity to have a concrete mixer for many home construction projects.You can build all kinds of concrete items from a small flowere bed edging to a full size driveway when you have a cement mixer to do the concrete mixing and save the hard labor of hand mixing the concrete.

We have made available for your use free plans for constructing concrete or cement mixers. The first plans is for is construction of a small size mixer to mix bucket size loads of concrete. This is the ideal size for if you are doing a small job. The other plans are for a mixer you can build which full size concrete and you will want this size for big projects. You will see these free plans ready for you to download at our website Concrete Mixers

Monday, May 16, 2011

Free Plans.Build Vintage Model Airplanes

Building model airp[lanes is one of todays most popular hobbies. As a matter of fact it has been a very popular hobby ever since flight began.

Model airplane enthusiasts compete to build the fastest plane,the longest flying plane,the best realistic model and many other types of competition. rivalry is often fierce and new designs are continually being brought forward.

Early model airplanes were rubber band powered or gliders. Combustion engine and jet models came along at a later period.The earliest models reflect the knowldge of airplane building of that time and are really interesting. Some of them fly extremely well also.

It is worth while to revisit some of these old models and build them from the plans. you can get the true flavor of what airplane modelling was all about at that time.

At our website you can find free plans for building early rubber band powered models which really fly well. Check it out at Model Airplanes

Friday, May 13, 2011

Free Plans. Repair Antique Clocks

Repairing antique clocks is a fun and profitable hobby. Very often when you find an old clock it is not running for some reason. Often the cause of the problem is very simple and easy to rectify. It can be as little as a dirty mechanism. In this case a cleaning using the proper methods may get the clock running again very easily. Or it may be that just a minor repair is needed to get it ticking away sweetly once more.

When you find an antique clock that is not running you can very often get a really good buy on it. Most people have no idea how clocks work or how to repair them. It is simply a non running clock with little value to them. You may pick it up for very little and just with a small amount of work restore it to good order. Its value then is much higher than when it was not working and you can sell it for a nice profit. Or you may just want to keep it for your own collection rather than sell it for a profit.

However you do it you can have lots of fun and make money with old clocks.See our website for information about cleaning and simple repairs which uyou can download free in PDF format.Clock Repair

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Free Plans.Electromagnets Making

Electromagnets are extremely powerful for their size. They are often used in car wreckers lots to raise complete automobiles into the crusher.Then they lift the crushed vehicles to a transport truck.

Even very small electromagnets which are powered by a simple flashlight cell are capable of lifting hundreds of pounds of iron or steel.

If a small electromagnet is attached to a sheet of steel or iron it is impossible to pull it off by hand. Even the smallest can require 250 pounds of direct pull to pull it off the iron sheet.

You can make small electromagnets at home quite easily and you will be totally amazed at what they can lift. At our website you will find free plans for making electromagnets which you can download in PDF format. Why not give it a try electromagnets

Monday, May 9, 2011

Picture Frames From Lumberyard Materials

Picture frames, when purchased in art supply stores, can be very expensive.If you have a print to frame the cost may be more than it is worth.
Artists in many cases also struggle to obtain reasonably priced frames for their work.A good frame for an oil painting may easily cost $50 or more.

The solution to this problem is to build picture frames from common lumber and moldings obtained from building supply stores and lumberyards. Ordinary lumber in standard sizes can be combined with moldings to make excellent frames which can be painted in colors to complement the picture that is to be framed.

Frames made in this way are an excellent substitute for purchased frames. They can be matched exactly to the type of picture to be framed whether it be a print, painting or photography etc.

You can get free plans and intructions for building these frames at our website : Picture frames

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Free Plans.Make Folding Attic Ladders

Many homes have a big attic space which is largely unused because access to it is difficult. Older homes often have a staircase to the attic and have several rooms up there.

This provides a lot of space for extra bedrooms or utility rooms.
If you have a newer home with only a tiny trapdoor for access to the attic you can very easily install a folding ladder to get up there and you can enlarge the opening if necessary. You can find free plans for building attic ladders at our website. We have three different vintage articles which give instructions for building different types of ladders and access.
attic ladders

Monday, May 2, 2011

Free Plans.Build An Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are very popular these days. No matter where you go they are to be seen skimming silently along. In most places they do not require a license to drive them and do not have to be registered. They are classed as power assisted bicycles.

Their popularity is the result of several things. firstly they are fairly inexpensive to buy with most costing well under $1000. Secondly they are very cheap to run. You only have to plug the recharger into a power outlet for a few hours and you are ready to do 20 to 25 miles before the next recharge is needed.

This means that they are ideal for commuting to work or just for riding around town for fun or shopping. Almost anyone can ride them and even a small woman can easily handle some of the lighter models.

We have free plans for building your own electric scooter if you want to really do it on the cheap. Have a look at electric scooter plans