Weaving Loom Plan

Weaving Loom Plan
Weaving Loom Plan

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vintage Plans For Clocks

Building clocks is a wonderful hobby which has many peoples interest. It is fairly simple build a wooden clock case from good hardwood such as mahogany, cherry or walnut and then to install a windup chiming clock movement. This will be a top quality hand built clock suitable for family heirloom status. The less expensive way is to install an electronic battery powered movement. These low cost units work very well, keep good accurate time and can be used to make a nice clock. That being said, the real clock lover wants a spring or weight driven mechanical movement for the clocks he builds.

It is also completely possible to build an all wooden movement to power your clock (it will have a few small metal parts). This is really a great way to build a fine antique clock reproduction. Wooden movements were much used up until the middle of the nineteenth century and genuine old antique clocks with these hand made all wood movements are valuable antiques nowadays. You can build your own all wooden movement antique clock from free plans you can download in PDF format from our Vintage Plans website. With careful,quality workmanship you can build a clock which will be a family heirloom and you can pass it down to future generations.

Take a look at our Vintage Plans website now and see all the free plans we have there. We are adding to them daily and thay include many other things besides clocks.

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